The effect of “Crystal Clear” is applied at the beginning of the round. From now on, the cards on the table cannot be considered as random cards anymore because they are in plain sight. Furthermore, if cards of the selected suit to comply with the “Crystal Clear”
rule are received during the round, these cards do not
have to be put down on the table, since the effect only
applies at the beginning of the round.

The effect of “Musical Chairs” (exchange of cards) is applied first and then the princesses’ powers (such as Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, etc.).

In this case, she would win the trick with the lowest sum of the established suit.

Snow White must announce the use of her power out loud, even though the card has been played face down.

Since the hierarchy is reversed, Snow White’s zero is the highest number, equivalent to 13.

The number used must be odd or even, following the rule of the round, but it can later be transformed into a zero using Snow White’s power.

The power only affects the active hand’s part, the one being played.

The last card that is face down on the table is not in hand, so it cannot be affected by this power.

You can use the power on any two cards you play to the trick. If you use it on the first card played, the power will apply until the trick ends.

Players must try to follow the odd or even rule by playing cards greater than 5. If they do not have any, they must follow the rule of the round below 5. The same would happen in case of being “void”.

Yes, Snow White could use a 6 or a 7, following the pea princess’ obligation, but after using it she could transform it into a zero with her power.

These two powers cannot be used during the same trick because they contradict each other. In the event that two players wish to activate the ice princess and the Little Mermaid in the same trick, the player with the most proposals accumulated up to that point in the game (or, in the event of a tie, in that round) will be the only one who can activate it.

Alice will deal all the cards in the trick, which, in this case, will be a higher number than usual.

Alice deals all the cards in the trick, but not the cards in the pile for that round. Do not add more cards to the pile for the next round.

When Alice uses her power, the effect of the round card does not trigger in said trick, since the cards of the won trick do not go to the counting pile, but to the players’ hands.

Mulan’s power is applied once all face down cards have been revealed.

If Mulan introduces a 6 at the end of the trick thanks to her power, the hierarchy is reversed following the round card.

The card played by Mulan’s power does not have to follow the odds and evens rule.

The power cannot be applied to the card that is face down on the table.