Rebel Princess

Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and many other fairy tale princesses celebrate a 5-day-long festival. The prince charmings, who haven’t been invited, will try to infiltrate the ball to propose marriage to the young women. As a free and independent princess, you will try to avoid the marriage proposals. Who will manage to remain single after the celebrations?

Rebel Princess cards.

Rebel Princess is divided into 5 rounds, and in each one, there’s a new rule that makes each game different. The overall mechanics are similar to trick-taking games, where each player plays a number in each trick, following one of the 4 suits of the game (fairies, queens, animals, and princes). The player with the highest number in the suit that started the trick will collect all the cards in the trick. But beware! Players must avoid collecting cards with blue princes, each of which brings 1 marriage proposal, while the enchanted frog will bring 5 proposals. The player with the fewest marriage proposals will be the winner. Additionally, each player will take on the role of a different fairy tale princess and will have a special ability.

A game by Daniel Byrne, Gerardo Guerrero, Kevin Peláez, and Tirso Virgós with illustrations by Alfredo Cáceres.